Vincent Sorrentino

Vincent Sorrentino joined full time with the family company after college in 2001. With a leading hand in such positions as project manager & sales director for most of the residential projects which range from apartment conversions to new construction developments (condo communities, single family subdivisions)

Vincent’s role as project manager grew extensively from 2003 to 2012. During his tenure he worked as Project Mgr & Sales Director on acquiring and closing over half a dozen condo conversion projects. These renovation acquisition projects had funding at $30M. When completed, Vincent had created a selling market value in excess of $50M. In addition to the renovation projects, Vincent handled the oversight on over half a dozen new residential construction development projects as well. These projects ranged from luxury condominium sites to single-family housing subdivisions. Vincent & his brothers through Icon acquired, developed, designed, built & sold all the housing sites as a home builder during this era. The total development reached over $65 million in funding with over $95 million in marketing value and retail sales. Vincent’s experience from a Project Mgr & sales director stand point has reached out past Southeastern Michigan & into territories throughout Florida as well.

Vincent garnered a great deal of experience & respect working exclusively with city officials and leaders in many of these municipalities in order to get projects approved.

Vincent’s focus as overseer and project manager of several of those developments has always been to make sure quality is second to none and that all the projects finished on time and on budget

With that being said Vincent’s strong track record as a Project Manager and now Business Real Estate Developer has made his reputation amongst private lending groups and private investors a stellar one!

“The challenge is taking an idea that may have really good potential and putting together the mechanics of making that idea into a reality. To see if it can perform and sell like it was intended to. That certainly is not easy, it’s quite challenging. Nevertheless this creates the fuel in my energy to continue to strive to reach for something great!”

Bachelor in Business Leadership from Baker Business College
cum laude

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